Pasikuda, Srilanka
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Pasikuda Beach, one of stunning beaches in Sri Lanka and in Asia, is located about 35km from the Batticaloa town, Eastern Province and placed between Kalkudah and Indian Ocean. This beach is a pleasant place with a golden bay, white sand, shallow water, coral reefs and palm trees. Able to walk 50 meters out to the sea is the significant attraction of this Pasikuda Beach. And it gives a safe swimming environment and many water sports can be enjoyed there. Some of water sports are kite surfing boogie boarding to surfing, snorkeling and sailing across in a canoe.

And this is a family-friendly beach and it is a best beach to spend the holidays or leisure times. At the sandy spot of Pasikuda Beach, children can enjoy various kid-friendly activities, dive in sea and play in this beach. This spectacular and beautiful beach is popular as a perfect bathing spot too. Throughout the year, especially at the summer seasons, this beach is crowded with many local, foreign beach lovers, water surfing sportsmen and women. And this Pasikuda Beach is famous among the beginners in water surfing also, due to its safe environment. Not only that, this Pasikuda Beach is a perfect place to exposure to sun rays and is good for walking along the long shallow coastline. Therefore, if you will travel Batticalo area of Sri Lanka, don’t miss to travel this gorgeous beach, Pasikuda Beach in Sri Lanka, to enjoy water sports (diving to surfing), to see abundant marine displays as well as experience the pristine sandbank at this admirable, beautiful stretch of sandy and family-friendly beach.

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