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For years Nilaveli has been considered one of Sri Lanka’s most perfect beaches and also considered one of the purest white sand beaches in Asia. It certainly has that feeling of paradise-island remoteness, with plenty of bending palms swaying over the golden sand. It has remained protected from tourists and visitors for a long time because of the war and after the war thousands of people are visiting Trincomalee and the Nilaveli beach. With the reconstruction of the roads and the newly built hotels the visitor count is ever growing and the beach is loosing some of its serenity. Nilaveli beach is relatively less crowded than most beaches in Sri Lanka and you want find many small shops or various other traders.

Visiting Pigeon Island, going snorkeling in the nearby corals and dolphin watching are some of the activities available to you to do in your leisure time. Nilaveli beach hotel is the oldest and the most prominent hotel near the area. Most people who can’t afford a stay in a luxury hotel prefer to stay in small houses and small hotels in the nearby area. There are plenty of these around so you want have trouble finding one.

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